After 4 years together we visited Michael at DOR. He was so helpful and friendly and helped us create a beautiful engagement ring. 

We had planned a holiday to Sydney to see Vivid and to coincide with Robs birthday. So on the 1st June I treated Rob to a special Dinner cruise on the Sydney harbour.

It was just another normal day at work, but I was wrong. In came this gorgeous man with sparkling eyes to check our air conditioning. 

The sun had come out after 18 months of sadness. A wonderful friendship developed and grew to love. We had both previous marriages behind us of 27 years each. But a new life had begun. We were given a second chance at Love, happiness, fun and friendship together.


It was a freezing night and unbeknown to us was the coldest day in Sydney for 89 years. We went up on the top deck, shivering and looking at the beautiful lights as the cruise sailed under the Sydney Harbour bridge. I turned to Rob and he was on one knee holding that beautiful ring. It was so special at that moment in time and made for a memorable night for us both. We married 5 months later, again getting our rings from DOR.

Thank you for for helping join our lives together. We know how precious life is and are thankful we can have the love of each other in our future years together.