Chris & Kirsty


Including our then 6 year old son into the proposal meant we had to think slightly outside the box - I got engaged to my lovely wife on Rotoroa Island - a very special place in Auckland’s Hauraki gulf.

After a lot of thought and some sneaky planning it was decided to incorporate the proposal into an Easter Egg hunt for our son – scattered across the island of Rotoroa. – The best thing is my wife was the master of her own destiny here even helping me to plot the hunt!

Morning rose and I snuck ashore, with a backpack full of Easter Egg’s, and running shoes on – running around the island dropping clues and eggs off, Before my Wife, my son, wifes best friend and her son got ashore and started the Hunt with me merely minutes ahead of them.

After about an hour of the kids and mums running around the island they wound up in beautiful Ladies Bay Rotoroa – where there was one last Easter Egg for the girls to find – Me, sitting in a cave awaiting with a very shiny Diamond from Diamonds on Richmond, and a bottle of Moet to hopefully celebrate!

All went well, and we went on to meet friends at Man O War vineyard for more celebrations – using a friends birthday as cover to get them there to join the celebration.

Happily Married 3 years now, and welcomed son number 2 in November – Happy Days!


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