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Even though you can't easily fly overseas right now (due to Covid-19 restrictions) we've come up with a solution for you to buy from DOR and save the GST amount.

Every purchase this month from DOR will receive a discount equivalent to the GST amount on your purchase, It's like buying duty free without leaving the country! And another bonus… there is no airport fee added on top!!

Our showroom is now by appointment only, you can book a consultation here

If you're an out of Auckland client or you feel more comfortable purchasing your ring from the comfort of your home our Client Managers are all set up to engage our full list of services with you either via email, phone or video calling,... we guarantee you will still receive the exact amazing customer service we are renowned for as if you were walking into our showroom.


Feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Page and one of our Client Managers will come back to you ready to answer any of your queries or to send you pricing.


The Team @ Diamonds On Richmond

Promotion Ends 28.02.2021