Dave & Sophie


My partner and I both love astronomy, so I chose to propose under the northern lights during our Feb 2018 trip to the USA and Canada. Being the pedantic person that I am, I worked on the design with the DOR team nine months in advance. That was easy.. collecting the ring at duty free and keeping it a secret the whole trip was a logistical nightmare! Alas, I pulled it off.

It was 1.30am and -27C in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was flustered getting my camera ready so I didn’t miss the lights and couldn’t tell if I was shaking due to cold, or straight nervousness. 

Everyone got cold and went inside so my partner trudged her way over. I knew pulling the ring out of my pocket was risky business – given that Alaska had just experienced record snowfall, we were nearly waist-deep in snow. If the ring fell out, I’d have a better chance of finding it in another dimension.

“I’m cold” she says.

“I know you’re cold…” I started to say whilst reaching my bare hand into my half-frozen pocket to get the ring ready. 

“But will you marry me?” I finished whilst immediately dropping to my knee.


Jumping up and down in joy, Sophie was speechless.

“Babe” I said, hinting for an answer before my knee permanently froze to the ground. (We were only in jeans and thermals because.. well, we didn’t think when packing).

“Yes, yes, yes, yes” she said repeatedly. I put the ring back in my pocket to avoid losing it and we rushed inside to put it on her finger and retain the feeling in our toes.

Now we just need wedding bands..