Your precious jewellery pieces are designed to be worn everyday, but care must be taken to avoid damage...

Remove jewellery before sleeping to avoid unintentional damage.

Items should be stored separately to prevent scratching.

Contact with chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning products can corrode the solder and joins on your jewellery.

Non flexible items are best kept flat when not being worn.

Direct contact with perfumes, makeup and hairspray may cause your jewellery to discolour.

We advise removing your jewellery when doing physical acitvities such as going to the gym, gardening or other heavy duty activities.

We do not recommend you wear your jewellery while swimming or showering.

It is recommended that you have your purchase professionally cleaned once a year. The settings should also be examined at this time to prevent the loss of precious stones.

White gold and silver jewellery is Rhodium plated to enhance its appearance and may require re-plating (at your expense).

Follow the DOR  ̒Put it on last, take if off first ̓ rule.

To keep your jewellery looking it's best we recommend using an at home jewellery cleaning kit on a weekly basis, cleaning kits are available for purchase in-store.