The Importance of Professionally Cleaning Diamond Engagement Rings

A diamond engagement ring symbolises long-lasting love and commitment, so you’ll probably want to wear it most of the time. While we always recommend you remove your rings when you wash your hands or do any physical activities, your diamond rings will still come into contact with day to day dirt and oils, that will dull the sparkle of your rings over time.

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Getting your diamond engagement ring cleaned and checked regularly should be part of your annual routine, just like having your car serviced and visiting the dentist.

What is the polish of a diamond?

It’s important to understand the difference between polishing a diamond and cleaning it.

  • Polishing is the process that diamond technicians use to finish a stone after cutting. It involves polishing each facet of the diamond to achieve a smooth, glass-like surface. Polished diamonds are supplied directly to jewellery manufacturers.

  • Cleaning is the process of removing dirt and oils from the diamond. It’s something you can do regularly at home (more about that further down), in addition to an ultrasonic clean at a jewellers.

How to clean your diamond ring at home

There are three things you can do to look after your diamond engagement ring at home:

  • Inspect your diamond ring for damage. If it has multiple stones, check that they’re all still in the setting. Inspect claws to ensure none have bent or snapped off.

  • Give the ring a gentle wipe and polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. A polishing cloth for cleaning sunglasses is good for this. Wash the cloth regularly.

  • Once a week, use water with a tiny drop of dish wash detergent and a soft toothbrush to gently clean the ring. Specialist, at-home jewellery cleaning solution is available to purchase from Diamonds on Richmond.

DOR's lifetime cleaning and polishing service

All DOR engagement rings come with a lifetime guarantee. What’s more, each ring comes with a free lifetime cleaning service. The only exclusion with this free service is rhodium plating, which needs regular re-application and is an additional cost.

How we clean and polish diamond engagement rings

Even if you’re fanatical about keeping your diamond ring clean, it will need professional cleaning to keep its dazzle. Professional jewellers use ultrasonic cleaning devices (to remove accumulated dirt and pollutants) and polishing mops to return the shine to your ring. If your diamond ring has a particularly fragile setting (often the case with vintage rings), ultrasonic cleaning might not be advisable.

Checking the setting

Everyday wear and tear is a fact of life for your diamond engagement ring. Sometimes the ring will get knocked or bumped, even when you’re careful. For this reason, we recommend an annual inspection.

At an inspection, the jeweller will check the integrity of the setting. That means looking for problems such as worn, bent or broken prongs. The stones will be examined too, to see if they are held firmly in the setting.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium is a precious metal that’s worth more than gold, silver or platinum. It’s used on top of most white gold to mask the slight yellow tint white gold has, to give a bright white finish.

When you buy a white gold engagement ring with rhodium plating, you need to be prepared for regular re-plating. Most rhodium plating has a thickness of just 1.0 micron, so it eventually wears off. It can last for between six months and a year, depending on how you look after your ring.

The importance of professional jewellery polishing

Polishing also refers to shining up the precious metal used in jewellery. This is usually done after ultrasonic cleaning.

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