The Dos and Don'ts of Looking After Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the more important and precious pieces of jewellery you will own. Look after it now, and ensure it’ll look great for the next 50+ years—and something future generations will treasure.

Has your fiancé popped the question and you are now the proud owner of a gorgeous diamond engagement ring? Or did they propose without a ring and now you are in the process of picking out a diamond ring for you to wear for the rest of your life? (Maybe you are looking for some engagement ring inspiration and got distracted, wondering how to look after your diamond engagement ring).

Whatever the case may be, you want to keep that ring safe and maintain its shine and sparkle for the rest of your life. Looking after your ring means no dislodged and lost diamonds, and a permanently gorgeous, sparkling reminder of your love.

The (I) Do’s

Buy insurance and get the ring appraised

For many of us, a diamond engagement ring is one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery we own, and in the case of the man who bought it, the most money he has ever spent on jewellery. Don’t leave something like this to chance – we strongly recommend you purchase insurance for your engagement ring to safeguard against any damage, theft, loss or other mishap.

And hand in hand with this is getting your ring appraised. Many policies require that you have your jewellery checked out, evaluated, and a valuation certificate provided to your insurer. Ring your insurer and ask, because you may find it’s not covered or undervalued on your current policy. Diamonds on Richmond supply a valuation for insurance purposes with all diamond pieces we sell.

Last on, first off.

While your engagement and wedding rings are designed to be worn everyday, to get the most out of them we recommend putting these pieces on last before leaving the house and taking them off first when you get home. It’s also best to remove them before physical activities like gardening, going to the gym or heavy lifting.

Use the professionals for servicing

Diamonds are hardy and don’t scratch easily, which is what makes them great for everyday wear. But ensuring the setting is strong and remains so is important. While you can easily clean your diamond engagement ring at home, we suggest you have it pass a professional jeweller’s test every year.

A jeweller will ensure your ring is professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner that will safely and completely remove accumulated grime and dirt, restoring your sparkler to its highest shine. Whether it’s white gold, a warm rose gold or platinum, they will ensure the metal is looked after correctly.

The jeweller will also check the wear and tear on the setting, make sure it is holding the gems securely, and none of the stones are coming loose. A loose setting isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye, and having your central stone or any of the surrounding stones fall out of the ring would be a tragedy.

At Diamonds on Richmond Auckland, we offer lifetime free cleaning on all jewellery purchased from us —so there is no excuse to skip it.

How to clean your engagement ring at home

You can do some basic at home maintenance and clean your ring yourself to keep your sparkler… sparkling, between jeweller visits. Dip it in a simple solution of soap and warm water and then brush around and behind the stone with a soft, clean (unused) toothbrush. Dry with a soft lint free cloth.

The Don’ts

Keep your ring away from harsh chemicals

Do not use any harsh cleaning agents when you are cleaning your engagement ring, and keep it away from ammonia or strong chemicals that could corrode the metal (especially true for rhodium plating). If you feel your ring needs more than soapy water and you aren’t ready for professional help, buy a reputed jewellery cleaner and follow the instructions.

Never remove your ring in a public place

You shouldn’t expose your ring to chlorine or harsh chemicals – which means not wearing your ring into the swimming pool on a regular basis. But having a safe space to keep your ring is paramount. So, whether it is a public restroom or the office wash area, or the swimming pool locker room, leave your ring home. If you need to remove it, stash your ring safely (and discreetly) in your bag in an inner compartment.

With a bit of TLC and awareness, your ring will look good for many years to come.


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