Matt and I met on a layover in Los Angeles. Matt is a pilot and I am a flight attendant. We met in the lobby with about 10 other people and didn’t talk much at all. Matt pursued me through one of the other pilots who I was working with and soon we were going on our first date. We met for ice cream and walk along Takapuna Beach where I proceeded to drop the whole ice cream down my black dress and fall into a rock pool. 2pm turned into 12am and when we went to go our seperate ways I realised my car was in the mall car park which was now locked! Matt had to drop me home to the other end of Auckland where I was living with my parents. On our second date we went for a sunset picnic at Muriwai Beach, around 9pm we wandered back to the car to find we had been locked in (again) by the ranger!! $180 later and we were out! Fast forward 3 years and Matt proposed at the top of Capri, Italy during a picnic of cannoli, pizza and doughnuts, with a DOR proposal ring. We celebrated in true Italian fashion and drank and ate all evening long in a beautiful cave like restaurant looking out over edge of the world. 

We decided then we wanted to get married in Italy so in about 4 weeks (2 years later) we are leaving with 83 of our closest family and friends to get married in a beautiful countryside Villa in Umbria. Matt is my first love and I can’t wait to marry him with my beautiful ring. The photo below was taken by someone who walked past just after Matt proposed! 


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