When Tino and I first met, we were both going through our own personal troubles. In a way, it's what helped us to understand each other so easily, and more importantly, it's what allowed us to grow and strengthen as individuals. It didn't take long for us to fall hard in love. 

Our journey together is beautifully ordinary. We've travelled, grown and adapted as a couple without ever forgetting to value the distinctive worth in one another. There hasn't been a time in our 8 years together that Tino and I have felt that we were falling out of love, or ever a time where we doubted that we would be together forever. We always knew we would get married one day, but we were never in a rush. 


Last year was perfect timing for Tino to ask me! Uncharacteristically - I had no idea what he was up to. He even hired a photographer to secretly capture the proposal! This was a big task considering we share a bank account and internet profile! I'm so proud of him for putting so much effort into that day; just as he puts so much effort into our relationship and life together :)