Logan & James


James and I met through his best man Steve. I was lucky enough to be invited to a pre party James was hosting before the Beyonce concert in Auckland. James was putting on a brave face as he is not much of a Beyonce fan but went along as I was going and he wanted to impress me. 

Fast forward 6 years to the 4th June, Queens birthday weekend (convenient date), like most weekends James was determined to go for a casual stroll where we spoke about our future together. On this particular morning it was raining quite heavily and not being a morning person I put up a fight to stay at home. Unknown to me on what was to come looking back I am glad I lost that battle and reluctantly went along.

We decided to take a break down by the Herne Bay waterfront area and admire the scenery. By this time I was frustrated as James was sheepishly looking around annoyed we weren’t alone. I had had enough and decided to get up and walk away. I looked over my shoulder thinking James was tying his shoelace and continued to walk until I heard him nervously call out to me. As I turned around James was on one knee with a Julia Roberts kind of smile asking me to be his forever. 

I was completely taken by surprise as we were flying out to Paris a few weeks later which I had convinced myself it was to happen under the Eiffel Tower. I am so happy that he proposed when he did because it meant it was special to us and it happened while doing something we enjoyed as a couple.