Planning Winter Weddings

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Something about the cosiness, the possible pitter patter of rain and fall of snow accentuates the romance that winter can bring to your wedding day. Not to mention New Zealand being host to some of the most beautiful winter landscapes and scenery, it would be criminal not use to this to your advantage…

Don’t let it rain on your parade

As us Kiwi’s are well aware, our weather can be rather unpredictable. Throughout the country we are subject to snowfall, rain, wind and fog. If you’re thinking of having your wedding in the North Island, snow shouldn’t be of too much concern, however, rain and wind is definitely something to consider when choosing your venue. 

If you’ve always envisioned a cosy and comfortable wedding, there are tonnes of wedding venues offering such a feel. In fact, there’s no better time to have a lavish indoor wedding than in winter. The plus side is that guests will feel comfortable and so will you. The weather can do its thing and you’ll be tucked away indoors in your magical estate or mansion wedding… imagine. 

In the South Island, the conditions can differ. In this instance, snow is something that can be either celebrated or feared. If you’re wanting to entertain an outside wedding it is wise to purchase wedding insurance incase you need to postpone your wedding due to harsh weather conditions. It is important to talk to your vendors about this possibility as well.

Whilst the risks of weather are out of your control, there are other aspects of your wedding planning where you can take over the reigns…

The moolah

Wedding venues become flooded with bookings in the summer, which means you may be waiting for your dream venue