Tips on planning your proposal

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

You’ve reached a point in your relationship where the next step towards forever is getting down on that one knee. But where does one even start?

Planning a proposal can seem overwhelming… you need a ring, a plan of action and finally, courage. If it was up to us we’d make a free bottle of Rescue Remedy mandatory with every engagement ring purchase.

Keep the tradition alive

One of the first crucial steps in this exciting journey is getting permission from your partner’s parents (or their nearest and dearest). Whilst we tend to lack in traditional etiquette in many ways these days, this thoughtful and courteous gesture remains true. This is especially important if your partner is close with their family and shares traditional values. It can also work in favour for you if your partner has a sibling or friend that may be able to help you with ideas on ideal design.

“SURPRISE!” Another important step to consider is the element of surprise. Unless your partner has expressed to you that they do not want to be surprised, surprise them. Something about being asked something so special and life changing unexpectedly, is one of the most magical aspects of a proposal. 

However, one element of surprise to be precarious about is whether the two of you have discussed marriage and your future. It’s crucial to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page in terms of your future together. If you’ve never discussed it before, it may be wise to bring it up before you get down on one knee.

Lord of the ring Now comes the ultimate obstacle! The ring, and what you feel your partner would love to wear on their finger forever. Since you know your partner well, you will have a decent scope of their tastes, preferences and values (hopefully!), so, when engagement ring shopping incorporate these essentials into your decision.

At Diamonds on Richmond we provide a ‘proposal ring’ service for those who are stuck on what to choose for their significant other. The Proposal Ring is a ring that we essentially “loan” out to you for your proposal.

Make it special for both you and your partner

Making it a special moment for your partner is an obvious one, but making it personal and special for yourself is also important. This could mean proposing in a place that has meaning to you- perhaps somewhere you and your partner have talked about often, or a place that the two of you share a love for, or somewhere you have both always wanted to go to.

Capture the moment

Lastly, a beautiful way to capture this moment forever is by organising a photographer (could even be a friend or a family member!). This way, the moment is always there to look at and be reminisced as vividly as it was when you got down on one knee.

Eilish Emery.



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