Proposal of the Decade

Read our top 10 entrants from Proposal Of The Decade below


 Chris & Kirsty 

Including our then 6 year old son into the proposal meant we had to think slightly outside the box - I got engaged to my lovely wife on Rotoroa Island - a very special place in Auckland’s Hauraki gulf.  


 Dave & Sophie 

My partner and I both love astronomy, so I chose to propose under the northern lights during our Feb 2018 trip to the USA and Canada. 


 Jaimee & Leroy 

We are high school sweet hearts you could say - we were two awkward, utterly opposite 15/16 year old teens when we took up interest in one another.  



 Kate & Matthew 

Matt and I met on a layover in Los Angeles. Matt is a pilot and I am a flight attendant. We met in the lobby with about 10 other people and didn’t talk much at all.  


 Logan & James 

James and I met through his best man Steve. I was lucky enough to be invited to a pre party James was hosting before the Beyonce concert in Auckland. James was putting on a brave face as he is not much of a Beyonce fan but went along as I was going and he wanted to impress me.   


 Sarah & Cameron 

When Cam and I moved in together we found that ‘dates’ became things of the past as we were spending so much time at home together. We needed to fix that, and so to bring some dating fun back into our relationship we set up the A-Z of dates.  


Garth and I met on the night of my 17th birthday, when he ‘crashed’ my birthday party and stole the limelight by lighting up the room and making us all laugh. We were inseparable, instantly completely smitten with each other, and have been blessed enough to be best friends and partners ever since.  

 Sarah & Garth


Our love story begins about 4 years ago. After a very long, long distance relationship with me in Australia and him in NZ, I finally decided to take the leap, pack up my life and move to NZ. I fell in love with the country and even more with Pete.  

 Zoe & Peter 


 Cheryl & Robert 

It was just another normal day at work, but I was wrong. In came this gorgeous man with sparkling eyes to check our air conditioning.   


 Kelly & Tino 

When Tino and I first met, we were both going through our own personal troubles. In a way, it's what helped us to understand each other so easily, and more importantly, it's what allowed us to grow and strengthen as individuals.