Proposal of the Decade

And The Winner Is...

Jaimee & Leroy!!


 Jaimee & Leroy 

We are high school sweet hearts you could say - we were two awkward, utterly opposite 15/16 year old teens when we took up interest in one another. And here we are, 14 years later and not much has changed. I had long given up all hope at the possibility of getting hitched to Leroy. We have explored many remote and beautiful places throughout the world so opportunity for those weak knees of his to finally give way were definitely not lacking. So naturally, after 8 years of dating and a winter weekend whisk away in 2014 to little ol' Queenstown, I never would have imagined that those knees would finally give out. His sneaking about, wearing an oversized trench coat and his very closed behaviour all made sense.... well at least when I realised that the dark and secluded area on the edge of the lake under a canopy of trees he had dragged me down to was for a good reason and not the horror story I was forming in my head :) After some carefully thought out words, a small little box holding a specially designed DOR engagement ring was handed to me. This was the best start to the best chapter of our book so far!