When Cam and I moved in together we found that ‘dates’ became things of the past as we were spending so much time at home together. We needed to fix that, and so to bring some dating fun back into our relationship we set up the A-Z of dates. It’s not a new idea and has been around for a while. 

The idea behind it is simple, starting with the letter A you each take a turn once a month to organise a date which is fully themed around activities that start with that letter e.g. A was visiting the Auckland Art Gallery, afternoon tea in the park (all foods started with A), and then we did some art painting at home together.

The best part is that you organise it as a complete surprise for your significant other, so it adds another level of excitement!

It was Cam’s turn to organise the date when it came to the letter E, it hadn’t even crossed my mind when after a day Exploring and Eating our way up the coastline between Auckland and Tawharanui he got down on one knee at the top of the Tawharanui walkway and proposed! It was such a magical surprise.

18 months later we got married, and now almost three years to the date of the proposal we’re expecting our little girl. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to time the Wedding into the W date, or the Baby into B when we started A-Z dates again. 


I was completely taken by surprise as we were flying out to Paris a few weeks later which I had convinced myself it was to happen under the Eiffel Tower. I am so happy that he proposed when he did because it meant it was special to us and it happened while doing something we enjoyed as a couple.