Right before Garth proposed, while we were walking on the Highline, we met a gorgeous couple who were traveling NYC for their 50th wedding anniversary. The gentleman took a photo of us, and said he hoped one day we would know what 50 years of love and marriage would feel like. Little did I know less than an hour later I would be on my way to being a future wife!

We are getting married just before our 10-year anniversary. We are high school sweethearts, been by each other’s sides through thick and thin, and we never thought we would have a life filled with so much joy and love as we have. We are so grateful to have each other.

Garth and I met on the night of my 17th birthday, when he ‘crashed’ my birthday party and stole the limelight by lighting up the room and making us all laugh. We were inseparable, instantly completely smitten with each other, and have been blessed enough to be best friends and partners ever since.Garth asked me to be his wife on our 8th anniversary (my 25th birthday) on a beautiful trip to New York City. He had the day planned perfectly, with a bike ride around central park, a walk through the Highline, and then Champaign in a rooftop hotel suite, where he got down on one knee (the best moment of my life- and the most spectacular ring I could have ever dreamed of, thank you DOR!).