Our love story begins about 4 years ago. After a very long, long distance relationship with me in Australia and him in NZ, I finally decided to take the leap, pack up my life and move to NZ. I fell in love with the country and even more with Pete. Fast forward 2.5yrs and we’re overjoyed to be pregnant! We gather our closest family and friends for the gender reveal. It’s a boy!! We are ecstatic! Everyone is screaming and cheering. I am in shock, awe and the emotions are running heavy... then he drops to one knee and pulls out a DOR box (the hints of my showing him your insta posts paid off!) My baby boy must have felt like he was missing out on the fun because he was doing cartwheels in there (see pics!) At that moment I was the happiest I have been in my entire life. I am so glad everyone was filming (for the reveal, not knowing he would propose) because now I get to relive it over and over again. Our life together had already change so much in the last 2.5yrs and now the next chapter is starting and oh boy has it started well! And I have a big shinny rock on my finger to remind me just how lucky I am!