The DOR Proposal Ring

Pop the question with the DOR proposal ring, then come back to Diamonds On Richmond with your partner to design the dream ring. 

We created the DOR Proposal Ring in our signature design - The Ardmore - a round brilliant solitaire. 

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The DOR Proposal Ring is $990 - which is then credited back in full towards your real ring. 


Our Proposal Rings come in the following sizes:

0.50ct - 0.75ct - 1.00ct - 1.30ct - 1.50ct - 2.00ct

Let us know your price range for the real ring and we'll guide you on which proposal ring is best suited to you.

Then book to pick up the ring in-store or have it couriered to you. 

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Once you have proposed, simply come back to Diamonds On Richmond with your partner and exchange the DOR Proposal Ring for a full credit towards the dream engagement ring.


With hundreds of designs and thousands of diamonds to choose from, we can tailor any of our rings to suit your personal preferences.

You get the surprise proposal and they get their dream ring... Winning!

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Proposal ring FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the DOR Proposal ring.

The DOR Proposal ring is a replica engagement ring that's used to propose with and then exchanged for your dream engagement ring afterwards. We've chosen our signature round solitaire ring, The Ardmore - Round Brilliant, as our proposal ring.

Yes, a proposal ring is a replica engagement ring that's returned in exchange for a full credit towards the real engagement ring afterwards. The proposal ring allows you to have a surprise proposal, but still have your partner involved in designing the perfect ring, without giving away anything beforehand.

If you'd like a surprise proposal but still want to design the ring together, then a proposal ring might just be the right fit. They also suit those last-minute proposals, if you're not able to wait a few weeks for the ring to be made. However, if you think your partner would prefer you choose the ring, then the proposal ring might not be right for you. In that case, we can help you choose the perfect ring. 

The best ring for your proposal is the ring that your partner will appreciate the most. That might be a proposal ring that allows them to then choose their dream ring, or an engagement ring chosen by you, especially for them.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is bought before the proposal, but the DOR Proposal ring offers you the option to propose with a replica ring and then exchange it later on for credit towards the actual engagement ring.

Our proposal ring comes in a standard finger size but we can advise on what size is best after asking you a few questions about your partner. We're experts in helping people figure this out and will guide you. Learn more about finger size on our blog: How Do I Figure Out Her Finger Size?


At DOR we're experts at helping you buy an engagement ring without your significant other finding out. We're discrete with our communication, and know how to handle this process. A proposal ring has many benefits for ensuring a surprise proposal. 

The proposal ring can be worn until the real ring is created. Once your real engagement ring is ready, you simply return the proposal ring for a full credit. 

A proposal ring is worn on the same finger as an engagement ring, which is traditionally the fourth finger on the left hand. The Ancient Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart. They called it Vena Amoris, meaning 'vein of love'. 

The easiest way to buy a proposal ring is to get in touch with Diamonds On Richmond. Our proposal rings come in a range of sizes from 0.5 Carat up to 1.5 Carat and can be exchanged for full credit towards the perfect engagement ring after you've proposed.

Yes, a proposal ring is used when asking someone to marry you (proposing), whereas wedding rings are typically exchanged on the day you're married, most often as part of the marriage ceremony, to symbolise the marriage and your commitment to each other.

The DOR Proposal ring is $990 - which, when returned, is fully exchanged for a credit towards the real engagement ring. 

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