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Our Story

We founded DOR together in 2008, initially operating as just a two person team from a small villa on Richmond Road in Grey Lynn. 

In the early years we recognised that the engagement ring industry was a little old fashioned with an outdated business model. In our opinion the industry generally comprised of overpriced jewellery and a non transparent pressure style of selling.

Realising this, we set out to create a more modern, transparent, non-commissioned-based business model. We coupled this business model with exceptional service and timeless high quality, handcrafted jewellery….. all at an affordable price.

Breath of Fresh Air

We soon realised our approach was a breath of fresh air to our customers who valued our personal service and honest advice. We were often told by our clients that they actually enjoyed our in-store and online experience and found it surprisingly simple.

Jumping forward five years, with countless hours of blood sweat and tears, our little business had outgrown the villa. This sparked a move up Richmond Road to a larger private commercial space.

Then after a couple of years and a steadily growing business, we decided it was time to open the doors to our current boutique showroom at 98 Richmond Road in Grey Lynn, Auckland. 

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The Future

Now, well over a decade later, through two recessions and a pandemic lockdown (or two) we continue to grow with the support of our wonderful clients and an amazing team of Jewellers, Diamond Setters, Client Managers and Business Developers. 

We are extremely proud to say our business model has not deviated from the original plan set back in 2008… To offer high quality jewellery, with exceptional customer service, education, transparency and trust, because that's how it should be and that's the DOR way! 

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