At Diamonds On Richmond, we offer interest-free finance for up to 12 months*. 

Please contact us if you're interested in financing and we can provide you with more information. 

*Some conditions apply. 



Please bring 2 forms of valid ID, which can be a driver's licence, passport or credit card with your name to verify your identity. 

There is a small fee (approx. $80-100) for establishing the finance option but then as long as you pay off the amount in full within 12 months, there are no additional charges. 

That's no problem if you are unable to pay off the full amount before 12 months, but the finance provider will start to charge you interest on the remaining amount.

We've done our best to choose finance providers that have a reasonable rate of interest. Please contact us for more details. 

Yes, you can authorise someone else can collect the ring for you, but the person(s) who have taken out the finance will need to sign the finance contract.