10 Amazing Proposal Locations near Auckland

She’s the one, and it’s time to take the plunge. She’s probably dropped some hints about her expectations, and the local rugby club isn’t the best option (unless you want to be reminded about this for the rest of your life).


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Along with getting her an engagement ring she will love (check out our Engagement Ring Collection for inspiration), you also want to think about the places to propose in Auckland. Think about your wife-to-be. What does she like? Will she want a private proposal, or a public one with your friends and families there? Does she love adventure and excitement, or will a romantic meal at home (cooked by you) be more her style?

If you are looking for proposal ideas, Auckland has something for everyone, from the wildly romantic to the quirky and fun. This is one of the special moments in your life, and you want the perfect story to tell your grandchildren.

1. For the adrenaline junkies

Does the idea of being up in the air and swooping down to propose to your lady sound exciting? Well then, a parasail proposal might be just the ticket. You can set it up to have your potential wife hang out at the beach in Cheltenham with family and friends and then make a grand entrance by parasailing into their midst and dazzling her with the engagement ring. An incredibly memorable proposal, sort of Aladdin, Auckland-styles. Or, if you want to be both parasailing, then you can take a trip around the sky and then get down on one knee once you land on the beach.


2. A proposal with a view

If you and your soon to be fiancée have spent countless hours enjoying the many gorgeous vistas that New Zealand offers, maybe a proposal with a view is what you should plan. As romantic proposals go, having a picturesque lighthouse as the backdrop along with a breath-taking view is up there for top romance. We suggest heading to Manukau Heads lighthouse, an hour and change south of Auckland, on the Awhitu Peninsula. Catch the sunset, take a bottle of bubbles and a picnic for the celebration.


3. For the nature lovers

Weekend hikes, long bike rides, walks on nature trails – have these kinds of activities are an integral part of your relationship? If you bonded over visits to NZ’s reserves and regional parks, then what could be better than getting down on one knee and whipping out the engagement ring as you propose to the love of your life at JF Kennedy Walkway or Rahopara Point? The view of Castor Bay and the Hauraki Gulf are spectacular.


4. An artistic appreciation

If your future spouse loves art and you’ve spent many a weekend taking in art shows, then we suggest setting up your marriage proposal at the Auckland Art Gallery. Take her to see a new exhibition, do the romantic proposal, and then head to a nearby café or bar for a celebratory drink or two.


5. Against the setting sun

If you want to keep things simple yet memorable, then proposing to your love against the setting sun at Kendall Bay in Birkenhead is the way to go. And it will be easy to keep the surprise, since you just have to convince her you’re just headed over to enjoy the sunset.


6. Ice cream social

Is having a scoop of ice cream post dinner a normal part of your lives? Does your fiancée-to-be have a sweet tooth that must be fed all the time? Then she might enjoy being proposed to via ice cream spelling out your proposal. Giapo in the CBD is there to help (and, then you get to eat ice-cream, and they have truly delectable flavours). This also means she has to say yes immediately, lest the ice-cream melt.


7. Oysters and champagne proposal

While Auckland has various restaurants that work for romantic proposals, nothing can beat those that specialize in that famed aphrodisiac, oysters, especially when paired with bubbles. Oyster and Chop, Depot, Ostro and The Oyster Inn are some of Auckland’s famed restaurants serving oysters. If your future wife is a bit fancy, she’ll love the opportunity to wear a gorgeous frock and shoes, and Instagram the entire event.


8. Propose on the 53rd floor

Arguably Auckland’s most romantic dining spot, the setting is what makes The Sugar Club so very romantic and perfect for proposal night. It’s on the 53rd floor, which means you are in for a dazzling view of the city and surrounding areas. And the interiors are modelled after Italian film ‘I am Love’. To add extra romance, propose to your bella amore in Italian – how is that for over the top proposal ideas?


9. Take to the skies

How does a sunrise hot air balloon ride, seaplane circling over Rangitoto or a helicopter trip to Waiheke sound? Set up one of these little sky faring adventures from Auckland and propose with 360 degree views as you slide that sparkler on her finger.


10. Where Ringers unite

If you and your love are big Lord of the Rings fans, affectionately known as Ringers, then what could be more exciting that popping the question at one of the LOTR movie sites? A couple hours out of Auckland and you get to Rotorua, from where you can head over to the Hobbiton movie set in under an hour. Once there, pop in for a pint at The Green Dragon Inn and then take your pick of Hobbit holes or Shire structures to have as the backdrop for your marriage proposal.


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