Our Guide to Engagement Ring Styles

When you are buying an engagement ring, one of the first steps is to figure out which style of ring you would like. At Diamonds On Richmond, we offer a wide range of different engagement ring types, from classic solitaire rings and three stone rings to modern halo  designs and everything in between. So whether you want something traditional or something a little more contemporary, DOR has the perfect ring for everyone. 

Let us guide you through the 3 main different styles of engagement rings, with examples from our Engagement Ring Collection for each of these different types. 

At Diamonds On Richmond we make buying an engagement ring stress-free. Discover your perfect engagement ring here

Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire ring is a type of engagement ring that has a single stone, typically a diamond. The diamond is mounted in a plain setting, usually with four or six claws. Solitaires are very popular because of their elegance, simplicity, and timelessness. The solitaire is one of our most popular styles of rings as it never goes out of style. 

There are many aspects of the solitaire which can still be customised to your unique taste. For example, some have narrower bands to make a small diamond appear larger, and others have wider bands for a more embellished look. The shape of the claws is also unique to each piece, with round claws providing a more traditional style, while teardrop claws add a more modern look. 

Our most classic solitaire engagement ring is the Ardmore - Round Brilliant

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings have a centre diamond flanked by two side diamonds. The centre stone is often set higher to complement the side stones and give depth to the ring. Round or Princess Cut diamonds are popular choices for centre stones, although Oval and Cushion cut centre stones are also becoming increasingly popular in recent years. All diamonds in a three stone are set to allow a good amount of light in and around the stones. 

An example of a three-stone engagement ring is Barrington from The DOR Collection. 

Halo Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring setting is a more modern take on the classic solitaire ring. It features a diamond in the centre, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The smaller diamonds increase the appearance of size and volume to the centre-stone, as well as adding to the ring’s overall fire and brilliance. Halo rings come in a wide array of centre stone shapes and sizes. Some feature round stones, Asscher-cut diamonds, pear-shaped and oval diamonds just to name a few.

DOR has a range of halo engagement rings to explore, such as the Anglesea - Radiant Cut

Additional Style Elements to Consider

In addition to the 3 main types of engagement rings, there are a couple of style elements to consider. These involve adding additional diamonds to the band and/or surrounding the main diamond, to create a pave-style engagement ring. 

Diamond Band Setting Styles

There are four main setting styles for engagement ring bands, available at DOR, that are set with shoulder diamonds. These are scallop set, grain set, channel set and claw set engagement rings. 

Scallop Set Engagement Ring Bands

Scallop set engagement ring bands use a scallop style setting for diamonds in the band. The scalloped setting has claws that are created from the shank and a cutaway that reveals each small diamond from the side. This is a more delicate style that reveals the most of the diamonds set into the band. 

Scallop set shoulder stones can be seen on our engagement ring Amiria - Oval

Grain Set Engagement Ring Bands

The grain set engagement ring band has small diamonds set within the band between two full sided shanks that keep the diamonds well protected from either side, but does not enclose around the top of the diamonds. The diamonds are held in place with small beads. This allows ample light to enter from above and lets the diamonds show their fire and brilliance. 

An example of an engagement ring with grain set diamonds in the band is Summer - Round Brilliant from the DOR Collection. 

Channel Set Engagement Ring Bands

Channel set engagement ring bands have side diamonds that are set into a channel in the band. A thin strip of metal holds the diamonds in place, where they sit flush with the band. This type of setting can be stronger than other designs and less likely to catch on things during everyday wear. Channel settings are available in gold and platinum, with a variety of diamond shapes and cuts. Princess cut diamonds are often a popular choice for channel rings because their square edges minimise the gaps between the stones.

DOR has a few engagement rings which feature a channel setting, including the Freemont - Round Brilliant

Claw Set Engagement Ring Bands

A claw set engagement ring band has diamonds set into the band, using a similar basket style setting with claws sometimes used for larger centre stones. These claw set bands can either have a single bezel or double bezel (one or two bands of metal) surrounding each small diamond. 

For an excellent example of a bezel set engagement ring, see our Winchester - Cushion Cut

Pave Style Engagement Rings

A pavé engagement ring band is encrusted with small diamonds, which gives the appearance of a continuous diamond surface. Diamonds On Richmond have been inspired by the Pave style for their engagement rings with both a halo as well as diamonds in the band. These shoulder stones have the option to go the whole way around the band (full set) or stop halfway (half set) or anywhere in between. The individual smaller diamonds in combination with the larger diamond appear to blend together and create extraordinary fire.

An excellent example of a Pave-inspired engagement ring is the Buxton Engagement Ring from DOR. 

Don’t know where to start when choosing your engagement ring style? 

We got you! At Diamonds On Richmond, we’ve made choosing an engagement ring enjoyable and stress-free. Your dedicated Client Manager will guide you to choosing the perfect engagement ring. 

Simply book a private appointment to get started. 

And remember the 30 day exchange guarantee - if you or your partner do not love the ring style you’ve chosen, you can return it within 30 days for something you do like. 


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