Planning a Pandemic Wedding in Uncertain Times

With pandemic restrictions coming in and out and daily life returning to a ‘new normal,’ everyone is adapting to new ways of working, living and even, celebrating. If you have a wedding coming up, you may be wondering what all of this means for your big day.

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to not take anything for granted. Relationships, loved ones and celebrations are being cherished now more than ever before. But with all the uncertainty that we’re still dealing with, couples will have to give their fairy tale day the COVID edit.

What do you need to know about planning a wedding in the ‘new normal’?

Start immediately

Whether you’re re-working a postponed wedding or you received an engagement ring recently and you’re planning anew, start planning right away. Wedding vendors and venues are booked months in advance. Since 2020 saw so many weddings being rescheduled, you need to be quick to book venues, caterers and music for your chosen wedding date in 2021.

If you plan to buy an engagement ring together as a couple or need to get your wedding rings organised for the both of you, we suggest you do that as one of the first steps. If you are in Auckland or afar, Diamonds on Richmond has a wide range of both engagement rings and wedding rings, all made to order to your preferred specifications and price point.

Hire a wedding planner

It’s completely normal to find that the planning process is more stressful than usual. Besides dealing with the many changes in our work and personal lives, there are also ever changing restrictions and new developments to keep track of. In light of this, it is completely justifiable to hire a wedding planner to help you create a wedding that you’ll love. The idea is that they take on all the stress and drama and reshuffling and changes, while you try to relax.

Have flexible plans but decide your non-negotiables

Your wedding, in these unprecedented times, may not look exactly like the special day you had in mind. Identify three or four of the elements that are most important to you and plan around them. Perhaps you wanted your wedding to be held at a venue that holds special meaning, or you really want that custom design dress or a piece of fine jewellery that’s been on your Pinterest board since forever. Get those in place first so that, despite having to compromise on other aspects, you can still look back on your wedding day and remember the things that were most special to you.

It’s also important to go into the planning process with an open mind and stay flexible on your plans. For instance, some couples are having their wedding ceremony on one day and the wedding party at a later, safer date so more people can join in.

Form good relationships with your vendors

Cultivate honest and open relationships with your wedding vendors so they are clear on what is most important to you for this day. You can work together to make the event truly special. Catering to a smaller crowd leaves more room for personalisation in terms of giveaways, special menus and so on.

Also, don’t be shy of asking questions especially in terms of hygiene and safety. Now more than ever, vendors need to take greater care to ensure reduced touch points between guests and staff, introduce new protocols for food preparation and have PPE for the staff.

Remember, your vendors want this to be as amazing as you do. Trust them.

Think local

Travel is the most susceptible to changing restrictions and out-of-town vendors could be prevented from getting to you on the big day, adding to unnecessary stress and expense. Instead, keep your vendors local and source local, seasonal flowers. Not only is this a more sustainable option, it also is easier on your wedding budget.

Choose a local wedding venue

Destination weddings will definitely be more difficult to organise, so choosing local venues is recommended. Small and intimate outdoor weddings could even be held in a large garden. Think carefully about using public spaces like parks and botanical gardens that may be frequented by crowds. Some churches and wedding venues may have more than one wedding per day so consider safety.

Add hygiene measures to the budget

Just as sanitisers and hygiene products play a much larger role in our daily lives, they will need to be included in your wedding as well. With so many wedding guests socialising with one another, sanitising hand wipes, dispensers, masks etc. will need to be placed conveniently and creatively around the venue. You should add this to your wedding budget.

Make a virtual guest list

The safest way for your overseas family, senior relatives, and immunocompromised guests to attend your wedding is virtually. Speak with your photographer on setting up cameras so you can live stream the event to be as inclusive as possible. This could also work for those who are out of town and either can’t travel due to restrictions or for whom travelling is risky. There may be those on your guest list who are not high-risk but are still uncomfortable with meeting so many people or who live with immunocompromised individuals that need to be considered as well.

Be kind to yourself

Planning such a milestone event can be strenuous on its own and the pandemic has definitely taken the difficulty up a few notches. Remember to take it easy, give yourself space to breathe and adjust to the new plan. Focusing on the goal of tying the knot with your partner can help you through.


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