Your Ring, Your Way: A Step-by-Step Guide to Bespoke Engagement Rings with DOR

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Diamonds On Richmond offers bespoke engagement rings to Kiwis in Auckland via our store in Grey Lynn and throughout New Zealand via our online Client Managers. 

Start with an Idea

Bring us your inspiration which could come from anywhere. A friend's engagement ring, Pinterest, our DOR Collection or even your very own design ideas if you have a design in mind. 

Our Client Managers will guide you on how best to bring your design to life. We will make recommendations on durability, so that your ring will last a lifetime, and help to ensure that your design adheres to classic design principles like balance, weight and form, so your ring design will be admired for a lifetime.

Don’t stress if you don't know where to start either. Our Client Managers can guide you to a bespoke ring design, based on your preferences and/or what you know about your partner.

If your unique design is close to one of our signature designs, which is often the case, then we might suggest starting with that and customising it to match your idea for a bespoke ring. 

Diamond Options

Your Client Manager will also discuss diamond options with you, based on your price point. They can advise you on both mined and lab-grown diamond options. 

They will also bring you up to speed on the 4Cs of diamonds and discuss whether there are any aspects of diamond cut, colour, clarity or carat that are particularly important to you. They can also offer their expert advice or the advice of our diamond buyers on what is best for the diamond shape you have chosen. 

Creating The Perfect Ring 

  1. Searching for a Diamond

Once we've completed the consultation part of the design process and have settled on a bespoke ring design that perfectly suits you, your partner and your budget, we then go in search of the best diamond available. This means searching all of our suppliers throughout New Zealand and worldwide to get you the best quality diamond your money can buy.

  1. CAD Design

Once the dimensions of your stone are in the hands of our talented CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer, we then individually design each and every ring to perfectly match the diamond we have chosen for you. Our designer will consider all design elements to ensure that the ring is perfectly balanced and well-proportioned to the size of your stone.

If you've requested to see design images, this is the point where we will send over CAD images for you to take a look at before going any further.  

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  1. Creating the ring

This custom design is then turned into a beautiful ring in the precious metal of your choice (White gold / Yellow gold / Rose gold or Platinum). Once the ring is complete, it is then prepared for our setter to secure the diamond/s in place. 

  1. Setting

The setting of the diamonds is one of the most important parts of making a ring. The setting process is what ensures the diamond is secure for the life of the ring. Diamond setting is as much science as art (if you ever meet a diamond setter you'll understand!) and needs to consider the symmetry of the cut, any inclusions, and how to position them within the bezel and claws to present the diamond/s in the best possible light. 

  1. Final Touches

Once the diamond/s are set, your ring goes back to our jewellery workshop for a final clean and polish - which ensures it’s looking its best for when the box opens at that perfect moment.

Your Order is Ready!

You have the option to pick up from our store in Auckland or have your ring couriered to you (fully insured), whichever is easier for you. 

Upon pickup (or delivery), your Client Manager will explain our 30-day Exchange Guarantee, our Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty as well as our One Free Resize if the ring is not the perfect fit, all part of our dedication to giving you the best possible experience with us! We pride ourselves on this!

Custom Design Fees

Due to the increased design time required for custom-made rings, we do have additional custom design fees which vary depending on the complexity of the design and how much it differs from our collection of designs. 

Our custom fee ranges from $250 up to $1000 for a completely custom design - which is rare considering The DOR Collection has over 100 different designs, from solitaires to three-stone rings with and without shoulder stones, and everything in between. 

We compare your custom design to our Collection and if we are able to use one of our existing designs as a starting point, this can significantly reduce the custom design fees for you.

Truly One of a Kind

Because we design each and every ring around the diamond you select, your ring will be truly one of a kind, regardless of what ring style you end up going with. 

While some jewellers try to push ready to go rings from their cabinet (regardless of any budget you might try to tell them) our bespoke process allows us to tailor the ring to your exact price point. This means you get a truly unique ring with the best diamond possible, all without having to fend off pushy salespeople. 

This bespoke process is also available for diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants or diamond dress rings. 

How Long Does a Bespoke Design Take?

Our bespoke process usually takes 5-6 weeks for design, sourcing the perfect diamond and making your ring to order, but we can do it as quick as 2 weeks if required (urgency fee may apply). 

So if you’re thinking about proposing soon, get in touch and let us know. We are here to help! 


Bespoke Ring FAQs

How Much Does a Bespoke Engagement Ring Cost? 

Fees for bespoke engagement rings range from $250 to $1000 depending on how much they differ from rings within the DOR Engagement Ring Collection. Custom designs can quite often be achieved by mixing and matching existing styles to create a truly unique engagement ring. 

How Long to Get a Custom Engagement Ring? 

Our bespoke engagement rings usually take 5-6 weeks as all of our rings are made to order in our workshop. However, if you did need an engagement ring quicker than that,  we will always try to accommodate your request if we can (urgency fees may apply). Get in touch with us to find out what lead times are currently possible. 

Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive? 

Yes, generally custom engagement rings require more design time and so are more expensive. Our bespoke ring design fees range from $250 to $1000 depending on the extent of the custom design. Get in touch and one of our expert Client Managers can guide you through the custom design process. 


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