The Dos and Don'ts of Looking After Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of the more important and precious pieces of jewellery you will own. Look after it now, and ensure it’ll look great for the next 50+ years—and something future generations will treasure.

Has your fiancé popped the question and you are now the proud owner of a gorgeous diamond engagement ring? Or did they propose without a ring and now you are in the process of picking out a diamond ring for you to wear for the rest of your life? (Maybe you are looking for some engagement ring inspiration and got distracted, wondering how to look after your diamond engagement ring).

Whatever the case may be, you want to keep that ring safe and maintain its shine and sparkle for the rest of your life. Looking after your ring means no dislodged and lost diamonds, and a permanently gorgeous, sparkling reminder of your love.

The (I) Do’s