5 Things You Should Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

At Diamonds On Richmond, we’ve helped thousands of Kiwis find their perfect engagement ring. Here are 5 things we wish everyone would consider before buying an engagement ring. 

The obvious things to consider when buying an engagement ring are of course what style ring you think your partner will love and what shape diamond you would like to feature in the ring but here are a few things that you might not have considered just yet. 

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One - Consider the Wedding Ring Fit

While wedding rings might still seem like a way off, it’s worth considering how the wedding ring will sit next to your engagement ring. In order to make the ring look lower-profile, some jewellers make rings with the setting so low that a straight wedding ring cannot sit flush alongside the engagement ring. This means that a curved wedding band might be required in order to wrap around the low setting. While this might appeal to some, it’s not always desirable and should be considered when choosing an engagement ring. The majority of Diamond On Richmond’s engagement rings are designed to sit a wedding ring flush. 

Two - Cleaning 

This might seem quite trivial at first, but this ring has to stand the test of time and professional cleaning is very important. While it is possible to clean your engagement ring at home, it is recommended that you get your engagement ring professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. This gives the jeweller an opportunity to check that the diamond/s are still completely secure in the setting/s and make any adjustments if necessary.

This is not a service that online stores selling engagement rings typically offer. At DOR we offer a lifetime of free cleaning and polishing to all our customers. Simply drop the ring into the store and we’ll give it a once over and make it look brand-spanking new!

For tips on how to take care of your diamond rings at home, follow our Do’s and Don’t of Looking After Your Engagement Ring

Three - Contemporary (Modern) vs Traditional 

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest styles when looking through Instagram or Pinterest for engagement ring inspiration. While there are certainly some creative designs, ‘in vogue’ engagement ring designs come in and out of fashion in much shorter time frames than the engagement ring will be worn for. Consider whether the person you’re buying for will appreciate the latest style, or prefer a more timeless design that will stand the test of time. 

Four - Valuations

Again, something that most people would not consider when buying an engagement ring….your engagement ring’s value usually keeps going up! In order to insure your engagement ring for the correct replacement value, you’ll need to update your valuation regularly. It’s best to get your ring revalued every 4-5 years to ensure you are not underinsured.

At DOR we make getting your ring revalued easy! Simply drop us a line and we’ll tell you where your ring was originally valued. If nothing has changed, you can often get an updated valuation via email by simply paying a nominal ‘sight unseen’ valuation fee, for an updated valuation. 

Five - Repairs

This is a ring that needs to stand the test of time and will be worn for many many years.  Our New Zealand made workmanship ensures our engagement rings are built to last but accidents do happen. In the unlikely event that your ring does need repair, DOR offers both a lifetime guarantee on the manufacturing of all of our jewellery, as well as repair services for when it unexpectedly ends up in the mixer while making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Don’t ask. For more serious circumstances DOR will work with your insurance company to have the ring back to new in no time.

What Next? 

Diamonds On Richmond is committed to making the experience of buying an engagement ring enjoyable and stress-free. View our collection of Diamond Engagement Rings to get an idea on style and price. 

Then to get started, simply book a private appointment and your dedicated Client Manager will answer all of your questions while guiding you through the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring.


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